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When Lebron Left I remember Howard saying he would like to get Cleveland that championship Lebron could never get.

Well now Cleveland has Kyrie Irving so does Howard still want to go to Cleveland or was he only interested when the Cavs had Baron Davis?

BQ: Would Kyrie and Howard play good together?

BQ2: What players could the cavs trade for Howard other than Kyrie Irving? Anderson Varejao Perhaps?

BQ3: If Howard joins the cavs in free agency will it be dubbed “The Decision part 2”. It would be ironic with Lebron leaving Cleveland for Florida and Dwight Leaving Florida for Cleveland.
I remember Reading it in a article. I think it was in Yahoo sports.

Of course Howard says a lot of things and I doubt he actually wants to go to Cleveland or I would actually go and find the article.


July 8, 2012 at 11:26 am